Give them the horn

Coming Soon

Unicorn Horn


Give them the horn
Coming Soon!

This Valentine's treat is still being handmade in our kitchens and will be with us very soon.

Keep your eyes peeled! 

Don’t limit your Valentine's gift ideas to chocolates and roses, pick up this quirky reusable gift instead! A dreamy gift or a naughty one, depending on how your mind works. Lavender and ylang ylang treats will spirit you away for a magical bath while Bubblegum lip scrub preps your pout for a kiss. Once your friend or loved one has enjoyed their products, with just
a little tinkering they can strap on the handmade lokta paper horn and become the mythical creature that everyone knows is real. A magical gift to sweeten anyone up on Valentine’s Day.

3 items in the box
Inside your gift…
Lip Scrub
Sweeten your lips with a touch of candy
unicorn horn bubble bar
Bubble Bar
They're real!
Bath Bomb
Let the sun set on worries
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