Ship-shape sherbet baths

Limited Edition

Love Boat

Bath Bomb

Ship-shape sherbet baths
love boat bath bomb
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All aboard - we’ve been expecting you! The love boat promises something for everyone with the tangy sherbet scent of orange and Sicilian lemon. Release waves of vibrant colour into your bath and swathes of glittering hearts. If you’ve been feeling dinghy, this beautiful boat will get you ship-shape in no time.

You'll love this if you like:
- Fizzy sherbet sweets and bright, refreshingly fruity smells.
- Rose Lollipop lip balm, Wasabi Shan kui shampoo or Avocado Co-Wash body spray.
- Getting the giddy butterflies when you see your crush.

- Sicilian lemon oil is a bright, uplifting scent ideal for putting a skip in your step.
- Cast away worries with the zingy, sunshine hit of organic sweet orange oil.
- Bicarbonate of soda softens the water and, in turn, does the same for your skin.

How to use: Place into hot water for a bath that will anchor thoughts and take you down the river on a scent-sational cruise.

How to store: Keep this bath bomb in a cool, dry place until you’re ready to set sail to seas to vibrant, sweet, refreshing waters.



About 1 year ago

The colour and the smell is both so relaxing and peaceful, I’m so in love with this bath bomb and my skin instantly feels so soft and amazing and again I love love the smell

31 Ingredients
Balancing and restorative
Fresh Orange Juice
Refreshing and toning
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5/5 stars


About 11 months ago

I really cannot explain how much i love this bathbomb,


11 months ago


About 11 months ago

It was such a lovely bath bomb for a treat myself Valentines day lead up. But it just reminded me that my ship has sailed and disintegrated in that department :(

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