Find peace and quiet


Find peace and quiet

Breathe deep. Slow your pace. Slip open the bow of this parcel and enjoy baths and showers with lashings of added serenity. Life moves pretty fast, so why not turn down the volume and slip into a state of deep relaxation with ingredients including balancing lavender, evergreen rosemary and thyme?

3 items in the box
Inside your gift…
Bath Bomb
For delicious-looking skin
French Kiss bubble bar
Bubble Bar
Feel blissful at bedtime
Twilight shower gel
Shower Gel
Night time soother
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About 1 year ago

I recently recived this gift set from a friend and i absolutly love it. the twilight shower gel is the best thing in the whole pack, AMAZING, please bring out twilight shower gel on a normal product line

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About 1 year ago

The twilight shower gel in this gift set is so good! Best gel I have tried from Lush! I would highly recommend the Relax gift box


1 year ago


About 1 year ago

please please please!! add twilight to the normal line
or have it available in stores at some point of time!
i don't want to have to purchase an entire box to get a small bottle of it ;(

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