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Out of this world
Cosmic Gift LUSH
cosmic gift

One by one, this trio of meteors will collide with water. Blast into outer space in a ball of paradisiacal peppermint with a citrusy grapefruit oil tang. Soar high with crisp apples and cinnamon that settlesĀ into a spicy cinnamon toffee. As you return to Earth and the day ebbs away into starry night, watch shimmering pink and blue waves journey around the bath. Relaxing lavender and comforting tonka will send all to bed feeling content and free from worries.

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Bath Bomb
Blast off into funky
Bath Bomb
Let the sun set on worries
Bath Bomb
Feel fireworks
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About 1 year ago

This is so amazing and a pretty good price

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About 2 years ago

I brought this gift just recently for my best friends birthday. I was in a rush and didn't know what to get her but this amazing gift did the job. She absolutely loved it! Thank you so much lush!


1 year ago


About 1 year ago

I gave to a friend for my birthday who LOVED baths bombs and you wouldn't guess she LOVED the gift and love the bombs. Where the nearest lush is 3hrs away so the only bath bombs you get are the ones from Kmart. It was nice to give a really proper one and one that is popular.

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