For a royally good shave


Shaving Cream

For a royally good shave

A nourishing shaving cream to help you look extra smooth, and smell even better. We’ve used astringent witch hazel extract to constrict the pores, which lifts the hair ready for a close shave. To help protect your skin from the blade, we’ve added linseed mucilage, and calmed the skin down with rose water. The refreshing fragrance is made with a blend of neroli and orange blossom combined with citrus oils of sweet orange and mandarin.

26 Ingredients
Astringent and cleansing
Protective and nourishing
Cleansing and moisturising
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About 1 year ago

I got this for my boyfriend and he loves it! His skin is soft and smooth which is great for me haha


9 months ago


About 9 months ago

I’m currently on the hunt for something to replace Ambrosia (as Lush went and discontinued it on us).

This stuff feels nice going on, doesn’t have a smell that makes me want to sneeze, and feels moisturising. However, it clogs up the razor like crazy. Even rinsing after every stroke doesn’t help. I also found that, by the end, I wasn’t getting as close a shave as I was at the start as my razor was that clogged.

Brand new razor and I had to throw it out after one use...those things aren’t cheap.

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