Chocolate melts, love is forever.

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Lots of Love


Chocolate melts, love is forever.
Lots Of Love gift box

The thing with life is, you're never quite sure what you're going to get. But with this profusion of products, there is no guessing game. Express your love with a gift brimming with products to tantalise and treat your special someone. The only unknown is whether they will be your Valentine (although it'd be hard to say no!).

9 items in the box
Inside your gift…
Bath Bomb
This bomb's made for lovin'
Shower Scrub
Freshly scrubbed
Giant Rose Bombshell pink bath bomb
Bath Bomb
Drop a bombshell
Body Conditioner
Heaven-scented smooth skin
Bubble Bar
Bathing confectionery
Orange and white with gold glitter on top bubble bar melt in the shape of a heart
Bubble Bar Melt
A heart of gold
Colourful bubble bar in the shape of a unicorn horn
Bubble Bar
They're real!
Pink soap with a white heart inside
Fun in the tunnel
The solid form of the Tender Is The Night shower gel in the shape of a bottle
Naked Shower Cream
Try a little tenderness
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