Get firm with your hair

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Dirty Styling Cream

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Get firm with your hair

Get a fix on your hair with this medium-hold styling cream with a matte finish. Ideal for keeping your hair in its place such as in a slick back or neatly parted style. This cream has elements of the Dirty Gorilla Perfume, so you can layer it up with the rest of the Dirty range to scent your entire body with sandalwood, pine, and a touch of saltiness. Its firm hold comes from the emollient Japan wax, with cocoa butter, illipe butter and coconut oil keeping it flexible and moisturised. Freshly made linseed mucilage and balm herb infusion take care of sensitive scalps.

Take a 5 cent amount at a time, work between the fingers or palms, and apply where needed on wet or dry hair until you are happy with the result. Designed to control unruly thick hair, although anyone can use it, they might just need to use a little less. With hair dressings we recommend to have a night in where you can experiment and play with the product to work out how much and at what point to apply the product in your routine, to get the result you want. Also for best results always work any styling product from the back to the front of the scalp before combing into place.

21 Ingredients
Protective and nourishing
A mystical, mossy fragrace
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About 7 months ago

I'm delighted that this product is back - it just "gets" my hair! It holds my hair well and the hold lasts all day. I also love how it smells. I have fine hair, but lots of it - this product is my first choice for my hair styling.

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About 2 months ago

My son and husband love it, dissapointed when we could not buy it instore, only online. We have tried other products but just don't match up, they are all to greasy. This one is perfect!


2 days ago


About 2 days ago

This is the best styling product I have used. It's non-greasy and lasts a long time. Just wish I could buy it instore.

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