Natural & deep cleansing exfoliation


Mask Of Magnaminty

Face Mask

Natural & deep cleansing exfoliation
A swatch of a light green, textured face mask
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Refresh yourself! This natural face mask contains the perfect blend of peppermint and honey to help leave your face (and body) smooth, glowing and invigorated. 

"Excellent results. As soon as I applied this beautiful scented face mask, I could feel an incredible sensation, cleaning my skin and relaxing my body. While I was removing this mask, it became a scrub wich was a bonus. After, my skin felt like never before, so cool, fresh and clean. I would actually give this product to everyone I know! I have been a huge lush freak fan for years and this is my new favourite lush product. 10/10.... More like 1000/10!" - isobelmai6_2055201

"I've suffered from acne all my life, and unfortunately it hasn't gone completely away even in my 30s. I've experimented with natural cosmetics for years, and had mixed successes, but Mask of Magnaminty has been the one product that has proved itself to be really useful time & time again." - sannamyllyk_664

"i had heard good things about this face mask on many occasions. I did not expect however the results! i have never had this smooth or clear skin. and not just on my face it works incredibly well on the body as well. it leaves me feeling relaxed and it also smells amazing." - erin.nash

- Kaolin clay absorbs oils and gently exfoliates making it great for a deep-cleansing face mask.
- Honey has a plethora of properties. It's antibacterial, antiseptic, antioxidant and antifungal, which all benefit the skin. It is also moisturising and a natural humectant, so it helps lock moisture into your skin.
- Peppermint oil's stimulating and invigorating properties help to cool and enliven your skin and mood.
- Organic ground aduki beans and evening primrose seeds exfoliate and massage, stimulating blood circulation and leaving gloriously glowing skin in their wake.

How to use: Smooth a generous layer of this mask over your skin - face, shoulders, knees and toes, you can use it pretty much anywhere. Leave on for ten minutes and rinse away with warm water for a refreshed, invigorated finish. Pair with other pampering products such as Ultrabland facial cleanser and Full Of Grace naked facial oil.

Due to its super fresh ingredients, this product has a shelf life of 4 months from the day of making. As we hand make in small batches, you will receive your product with enough time to use within its shelf life. If you have any questions, please contact our friendly Customer Care Team!


What’s the difference between the Original Mask Of Magnaminty formula and Self-Preserving?

The overall function they have is the same and both will provide that deep cleanse. The main difference you may find is in how they feel on application. For example, the original Mask Of Magnaminty will dry as it sits on the skin, whereas its self-preserving counterpart maintains its softer texture. This is due to the higher quantity of honey and glycerine in the latter, which draws in and retains moisture. 

The shelf-life is the same, the ingredients that get the job done are all the same (minus synthetic preservatives in the self-preserving formula), it all comes down to which you prefer to use.  

You can read more about self-preserving formulas and ingredients here.  


About 1 year ago

This is my absolute FAVOURITE lush product. The only one I will replace every time I run out (except for maybe ultrabland). Delightfully minty and leaves my skin oh so hydrated and soft. I recommend it to everyone and haven’t had anyone return with a complaint yet!

14 Ingredients
Cleansing and absorbent
Simply the best

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 8 months ago

Highly recommend purchasing this face mask! Applies easily to the skin, smells soooooo good and leaves my skin feeling super refreshed and smooth! Definitely will be repurchasing in the future!

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5/5 stars


About 3 weeks ago

I like it not bad and u get a bit for your buck reminds me of the mint drumstick ice cream


3 weeks ago


About 3 weeks ago

I like it not bad and u get a bit for your buck reminds me of the mint drumstick ice cream

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