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September 2018

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Lush Labs Pass
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This #LushLabs Pass is exclusively available to purchase at

Choose Lush. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a massive looking bath bomb. Choose bubble bars, electric cars, innovations, and provoking discussions. Choose fast-track entry, exclusive products in a limited edition canvas bag. Choose what interests you. Choose those who inspire you. Choose to start something. Choose your friends. Choose what to wear and choose your values. Choose three pieces of sweet soap you can purchase in a range of fragrances. Choose handmade and wondering who you are on a Sunday morning as you step into your plastic-free bathroom. And if you can’t be there in real life, choose sitting on that couch watching mind-stimulating, spirit-raising videos on Lush Player, stuffing vegan junk food into your mouth. Choose your future. Choose Lush. Choose the Lush Showcase. But why would I want to do a thing like that?

Further tickets to the Lush Showcase will go on sale shortly, but a limited edition #LushLabs Pass entitles you to fast-track entry at the event as well as exciting swag exclusives and extras. 

You’ll find the full list of terms and conditions here - please read before you purchase.

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