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Koyaanisqatsi Shower Bomb

Shower Bomb

Life out of balance
koyaanisqatsi shower bomb lush labs
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Turn mercurial moods on their head: it’s time to tame the tiny chemical impulses racing through your brain, playing havoc with your emotions and messing with your mood. Regain emotional equilibrium with this moody floral meditation in softly fizzing lavender and ylang ylang. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, slow down and take control. Juxtapose restlessness and disparity with a scene of perfect relaxation: the steam of a hot shower condensing on the glass, a towel waiting in the wings. Under the steady beat of the shower and the full moon, let balancing ylang ylang, lulling lavender and grassy violet leaf wash away tension. Reclaim body and mind and be in thrall to your hormones no more.

Take your shower bomb into the cubicle with you and watch it expand under the water. Allow the essential oils to envelop you, scoop up the foam and use it to cleanse, going back for more until the bomb is all gone. Sodium alginate adds extra softness to your wash, as you shower away restlessness and stress.





About 1 year ago

I am loving shower bombs right now! I don’t have baths very often because I’m so busy, and when I do it’s often very pampering I have to admit. I am a lover of bath bombs and when I found shower bombs I was feeling a bit like it would be underwhelming. But it was amazing! Yes, it’s not the...

24 Ingredients
Grassy and floral
Sweet and comforting scent

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 10 months ago

I have tried two shower bombs so far and this is one of them. I got two washes out of it, made my skin feel smooth and fresh. The smell was awesome. Must try!


8 months ago


About 8 months ago

This was the first shower bomb I tried. Not sure what exactly I was expecting, but I felt this was slightly underwhelming. Was fine to use, but a bit expensive for not enough pay off for regular use. Probably good if you want something a lil bit special though.

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