Brightens and softens



Brightens and softens
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Daddy-O works to add volume and shine to your hair. It’s the lemon and organic lime juice which allow the cuticles to lie flat and reflect more light, helping the hair to shine. We've created an infusion from toothed wrack seaweed and organic lemons, that cleanses and softens. Extra virgin coconut oil hydrates the hair, whilst fine sea salt gets to work by to softening and giving body to your hair. What makes this extra special is that it can revive your silver and blonde tones. 

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Refreshing and rejuvenating
Uplifting and sunny
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About 1 year ago

Daddy-O is hands down the best shampoo for a blonde. It helps to brighten my blonde whilst keeping oils at bay, it also smells divine and helps keep my hair naturally voluminous! A must for any Blonde

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About 12 months ago

Best toning shampoo I've ever used! Lathers like crazy, only need a tiny bit for an application, great shampoo and keeps the brass out. New staple for as long as I stay blonde!


3 months ago


About 3 months ago

I used to be a serial hair washer before I bought this product - I'm talking sometimes twice a day. Now I wash my hair max three times a week! I was spending over $30 a month on shampoo and conditioner, and I've only bought one bottle of this for $30 and has lasted me five whole months!!

My hair would sometimes go so yellow it was orange with other store bought shampoos (even using 'good brands' like juuce and de lorenzo), but not this one! I'm constantly getting compliments on the colour of my hair, and how healthy it looks.

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