Let the citrus celebrations begin!

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Golden Wonder

Bath Bomb

Let the citrus celebrations begin!
Golden Wonder Ballistic

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We've said goodbye to this product to make room for some exciting new launches in the near future. If you're looking for something similar, head here for more Bath Bombs.

A glimmering Christmas bath bomb full of uplifting citrus oils. Soak in the turquoise waters of this plastic-free festive Lush classic.

"A fantastic bath bomb to unwind with. The parcel explodes with a fiz of blue green shimmer, releasing its lovely little stars in the bath. The rest slowly melts to make your skin feel divine. such a marvellous bath bomb as a treat for a friend or to indulge yourself....go on, you're worth it!" - dawnealderman

"I absolutely adore this beautiful golden, present shaped bath bomb. It shares its scent with the Celebrate/Bubbly range which is one of my all-time favourites. It also puts on quite the show in the tub." - Hilde Skaar Moi

"Lovely to watch the bomb explode with colour then enjoy relaxing in glittery green mermaid water. A real treat!" - rachaelbull

How to use:
If you're wondering what's inside, give this little present a shake and drop it into a hot bath for a colourful reveal.

How to store:
Like all Christmas prezzies, hide this Golden Wonder somewhere cool and dry before placing under the tree (or straight into the bath!).


About 2 years ago

I got this for Christmas one year and it is literally one of the best bath bombs I’ve ever had!!! It smells amazing and looks aaamaaazinng!!! Very instagramable (which to some it’s very important) Definitely something I’ll buy again!!!

31 Ingredients
Fresh Orange Juice
Refreshing and toning
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About 4 years ago

The scent of this product is fresh and just ARH amazing! when you place this present of wonderful scents and colours into the water, it turns the water a white and yellow colour, but then when the present fizzes away there are beautiful blues and aqua colours. But the real surprise is when the little pops of colours come out from inside the present, with blue, greens, oranges, purples and pinks floating through the water, the end result is a tub of shimmering mermaid water.
Overall amazing and will repurchase!

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About 1 month ago

I bought this while buying a heap of bath bombs, the smell is sooo good and when I had my bath that night I was not expecting the water to turn blue/green!! It was a pleasant surprise


4 days ago


About 4 days ago

I bought this on a whim and now it is my new favourite! My five year old said “my eyes fell in love” and I know what she means! Dark turquoise with little bits of gold that swirl beneath the surface and a delicious scent. A must for your inner mermaid!

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