Invigorating, minty nebulas



Bath Bomb

Invigorating, minty nebulas
intergalactic bathbomb
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Soak among the stars with this galactic bath bomb. Unleash a galaxy of refreshing peppermint oil, cobalt blue clouds and shimmering stardust in your bath.

"WOW what an intro!! The kaleidoscope of colours amongst the glittery shimmery stars that twinkle in the light. I was transported into a make believe world of entering a galaxy. My thoughts and worries drifting away.. This first one got me hooked and I've become a fan ever since. Love how moisturising they are also. Love, love, love Lush." - wateronme_2030678

"this is literally my favourite bath bomb to get because it smells so good and feels amazing on your skin! the colours are genuinely gorgeous and the name is so fitting because it looks like a galaxy in your bath tub. if you're going to get a bath bomb, get this one." - melanieclaire

"This. Is. Amazing! I used this tonight and was planning on having a relaxing read while in the bath but from the moment I dropped this bomb in I was hypnotised by the beautiful vibrant colours and then when the water settled to the deep blue of a night sky I was transfixed by the slow moving glitter. It was like looking into space. 100% will buy again the only problem is that you’ll never want to get out!"- sezabella.86

You'll love this if you like:
- Refreshing, stimulating peppermint.
- Mask of Magnaminity face and body mask or Outback Mate hand and body soap.
- Colourful constellations that swirl and pop, creating vibrant lustre vortexes in the night sky.

- Stimulating peppermint enlivens the skin and senses leaving you feeling refreshed.      
- Zesty grapefruit oil has a mood-boosting effect on the mind and is antibacterial.
-  With its deep and smoky fragrance, vetivert oil encourages a moment of calm and helps to settle the emotions. While on the skin it cleanses and tones.
-  Popping candy, a sweet shop treat is added to products to elevate the excitement you receive in the bath.

How to use: 
Run the bath and gently place into warm waters for a stellar soak.

How to store: 
Store in a cool, dry place until you’re ready for a bath that is out of this world.

About 2 years ago

This was the first ever bath bomb I tried. Fun, multicoloured and truly like another galaxy. I became a child again. It felt minty and soothing. I didn't want to get out of the water, which felt like a little ocean.

23 Ingredients
Uplifting and refreshing
Smoky and earthy
Toning and balancing

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 4 years ago

If you're looking for an explosion of beautiful neon colours and a beautiful minty smell, then you HAVE to try the intergalactic Bath Bomb!!!!!! It has beautiful shimmer in the bath and feels great on the skin, once the water settles it's the most amazing blue water you'll see in your life! I highly recommend this bath bomb :)

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About 2 weeks ago

The colours are amazing, smells like heaven and the blue water with that touch of gold glitter is so relaxing. If you don’t know what to get for your first bath bomb, this is the one.


4 days ago


About 4 days ago

I really loved this bath bomb, originally bought it as a present, but then realized the person hated mint, so I decided to use it for myself! Absolutely loved it. It smelt so good, and my hair and skin felt amazing afterward. Only took a star off because it left glitter everywhere, but it was easy to clean. Would buy again!

270 Reviews
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