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Crème de Menthe


Total refresh-mint
Crème de Menthe mouthwash tabs
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Pure refresh-mint can be found inside this bottle. Allow the icy blast of peppermint and malic acid to refresh your breath and tingle your taste buds.

“They are brilliant and really refreshing...The taste is very minty and fresh and its long lasting too. I love the fact that they come in these handy little tubs which is brilliant if you are going on holiday or even if you want to carry them in your bag." - consistantsusan350_6689003

“These little beauties make your mouth feel so fresh after brushing. Just chew it and slurp some water and swill and gargle away, then when you spit the water out you feel the woosh of minty freshness. I got a sample of these and went back the next day to buy a bottle as they were so good...Best of all they don't burn your mouth like normal mouthwashes do." - loving lush 1982

How to use: After brushing your teeth, pop a mouthwash tab into your mouth and take a sip of water to start the fizz. Nibble and swish before spitting out. For the best benefits, resist drinking or eating anything for 30 minutes following.

How to store: Between uses leave within easy reach of your sink, or keep with you for freshness on the go, and keep the cap on to keep out moisture. When you’ve used all the tabs, the bottle and cap can both be recycled!


About 3 years ago

I love this product and use it daily. The fizzy, minty favour leaves me feeing refreshed and clean. No burning mint sensations, just a fresh flavour after. I strongly recommend this product to anyone wanting a new mouthwash or just something new to try!

20 Ingredients
Peppermint Powder
Fresh Mint Infusion

List of ingredients

Natural Ingredients
Safe Synthetics

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 2 years ago

I’ve tried a few of the other mouthwashes and this is my favourite flavour. Minty flavours always make you ‘feel’ clean.
The tabs do take getting use to, I think the mouthwash tabs are easier because they seem to break down better and have no weird aftertaste.
If you are thinking about the tabs I would try the mouthwash ones first to ease yourself in. This flavour is a familiar dental flavour so it is probably the easiest transition.
I use them when I’m camping and at the gym. Just chew them up with a mouthful of water and done!

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About 2 months ago

These mouthwash tabs are awesomely minty and really convenient - it is so easy to chuck a couple in my bag to use when I’m out and about. Also great for travel! Love, love, love them!


3 weeks ago


About 3 weeks ago

This one and the gin and tonic ones are the best ones!
Think normal mouth wash in compact size !

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