A sparkling citrus perfume

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A sparkling citrus perfume
calacas community body spray
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Revel in this unruly festival perfume. Mouthwatering on the skin, the Day Of The Dead is painted in juicy citrus strokes. Lime pierces a dark olibanum heart while a hint of violet adds an enigmatic undertone. An arresting and supernaturally sharp fragrance with carnival attitude. 

14 Ingredients
Meditative and resinous
Uplifting and toning

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About 3 months ago


I love citrus scents so much, and it was a year or so ago I put Calacas as a limited body gel online and it became an instant favourite of mine. It's something I wish came out my often, and maybe made a come back as a perfume (I'm unsure if it was a perfume in Australia, but as been elsewhere). But for now we have it as a body spray, which is absolutely fantastic. It's a fresh, sweet and slightly sour citrus perfect for summer time. The body spray lasts a good long while and really envelopes you.

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2 months ago


About 2 months ago

I've been using Lush products for years, and have found that their scents are hit-or-miss. Sometimes they get it right, sometimes they don't; it's up to how strong a fragrance you like.

This one has a very strong lemon & lime scent, and it smells too much like a kitchen cleaning product. It also smells very simiar to another Lush spray, Dad's Lemon Tree Garden. I bought Calacus out of curiousity; owning both is a wasfe.

I recommend using a tiny amount, not a strong bottle squeeze, as it'll stay on your skin/clothing for a good while.

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