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Once Upon A Time

Body Lotion

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once upon a time body lotion
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Once upon a time there was a prince who wanted to have the most perfect soft skin; but only the best and most delightful, apple scented lotion would do. He travelled all over the world to find one but nowhere could he get what he wanted. There were lotions enough and bath oils galore, but nothing tickled his fancy. He didn't like lavender and didn't want bananas or patchouli either. So he came home again and was sad, for he would have liked very much to have a lotion that smelled like apples!

After some time, the prince came across a magical shop in the nearby town. The shop claimed to sell the most beautiful body lotions in all the land. He strode in and was immediately greeted by the most wonderful smell! He begged for the apple scented lotion he so desperately wanted and with a flick of their wrist and a twinkle in their eye, the Lush shop elf summoned a tub. The prince took a sniff and was immediately bowled over by the scent. With apple infusion lemon oil and grapefruit, the prince had finally found his true love. He applied the lotion every day and lived happily ever after with super soft skin.

28 Ingredients
Uplifting and refreshing
Naturally moisturising
Uplifting and cleansing

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 1 month ago

A lot of body lotions come with heavy sweet or floral scents... not this one! It's limited edition so get in quick to grab yourself a tub of this ultra light and not-too-greasy lotion. It's a crisp fruity smell that is subtle. Love. It.

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5/5 stars


About 2 weeks ago

My go to moisturizer these days. I love how thick it is, the yummy crisp, fresh, fruity smell it has. Keeps my skin hydrated for days. Great scent for summer


5 days ago


About 5 days ago

I ordered this online and instantly fell in love. I have tried a few other lush moisturizers/lotions (dream cream, charity pot, pink peppermint) and enjoyed them, but was instantly soooooooo in love with this one.
The apple scent is absolutely divine (sweet, not really crisp) and it's perfect for summer (or whenever naturally) as it's so nice and moisturizing but not oily and the scent stays with you for at least a little bit (I use it before bed).

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