Bathe under the stars

Limited Edition

Star Gazing


Bathe under the stars
star gazing christmas gift
side star gazing christmas gift

Gaze out to the stars with this unique gift and drift off into a world of dreamy lavender, bergamot and Brazilian orange. Lay down in a milky bath and imagine the stars above, as constellations take shape before your eyes. A stargazer’s dream of galactic baths and supernova soaks to transport them to a galaxy far far away, the entire cosmos is at their fingertips as they bathe. When all the goodies are gone and the bath has been drained, turn out the lights, grab a battery-powered torch, pop it in the box and watch the stars come to life. Relax, sit back, spin the lid and enjoy a journey that is out of this world.

8 items in the box
Inside your gift…
holey night christmas bath bomb
Bath Bomb
The stars are brightly shining
sleepy christmas shower gel
Shower Gel
Thank you and goodnight
Milky Bath Bubble Bar
Bubble Bar
Hot Milk?
shoot for the stars christmas bath bomb
Bath Bomb
Waltz in a swirling, cobalt sky
shower jelly deep sleep
Shower Jelly
Soporific sunsets
Rocket Science bath bomb
Bath Bomb
Sleepy body lotion
Body Lotion
Bath Bomb
Let the sun set on worries
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