Sicilian Mandarin Oil

Citrus nobilis

Uplifting and refreshing
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Mandarin oranges (Citrus reticulata) are a citrus fruit belonging to the Rutaceae family, and native to sub-tropical Asia. We use citrus fruit oils to refresh the body and the mind, as well as rejuvinate the skin.



Mandarin fruits grow on low woodland shrubs and can vary in size and colour. They are notable for their peelable skin which contains segmented citrus flesh. This flesh can be reduced to a pulp or juice for use as a drink or in cosmetics.We use mandarin oil for its antibacterial and brightening action on the skin. Astringent citrus juices help to remove dead skin cells and improve circulation, promoting the growth of new cells and tissues. Mandarin juice also adds shine to the hair, as it contains natural fruit acids which encourage the hair cuticle to lie flat and reflect more light. Madarin also has a fresh, citrusy smell we use to provide an uplifting note to our product fragrances.

Sicilian Mandarin Oil can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Sicilian Mandarin Oil can be found in these products
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