Orange Flower Absolute

Citrus aurantium amara

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Orange flower
Floral and uplifting
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Orange flower absolute has an intensely floral aroma with fresh green notes and is one of the most popular essential oils used in perfumery. It refreshes and mattifies the skin while calming and uplifting the mood.



The bitter orange tree (Citrus aurantium amara) is an evergreen member of the Rutaceae plant family. Many parts of the tree are used for perfuming and culinary purposes: the fruits flavour food and drinks, the flowers are distilled to produce neroli oil and orange flower absolute and, finally, petitgrain oil is obtained from the leaves and twigs of the tree.

The producers of neroli and orange flower absolute, who have been supplying Lush since 2005, are based in the north of Tunisia. The business is run by three siblings, whose father started many years ago.

Orange Flower Absolute can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Orange Flower Absolute can be found in these products
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