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In addition to its popular refreshing aroma and taste, menthol is also said to stimulate blood circulation, prevent hair loss, cleanse the skin and mouth, give a feeling of freshness and relax stressed bodies and minds. It seems almost magical!



Menthol is a white crystalline compound found in all mints, giving the green herbs their refreshing and aromatic properties. The crystals are obtained by freezing mint oil and separating the crystals from the rest of the oil using a centrifuge.

Menthol was used in Japan 2000 years before being known in the rest of the world. It is still a very popular ingredient today, especially in oral care for its analgesic properties, relieving pain and irritations, as well as for its ability to perfume the breath and give a feeling of prolonged refreshment in the mouth.

The crystals also have a unique effect on the scalp, as they can disrupt the hair fall cycle, prolonging the process of hair loss and allowing the hair to be held longer in the scalp. This result is best achieved with regular use.

Lush purchase menthol crystals from two sources in India. They extract the crystals from wild mint (Mentha arvensis).

Menthol Crystals can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Menthol Crystals can be found in these products
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