Marshmallow Root Powder

Althaea officinals

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Marshmallow plant
Soothing and softening
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Marshmallow powder is made from the root of the marshmallow plant. Soaked in the warm bath water it will produce a mucilage that softens, soothes and conditions the skin.



Marshmallow is a perennial plant which is native to Europe. It grows in salt marshes, by the sea and along riverbanks, and has soft, velvety leaves. The whole plant contains a lubricating mucilage — a thick, gluey substance which is particularly concentrated in the root.

The root of the marshmallow plant can be directly applied to sore or chapped skin to calm inflammation and irritation. It can also be dried and made into a powder, which will have a runny, gel-like consistency when added to warm water. This helps to soften and form a gentle, protective barrier on skin.

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Products with this ingredient
Marshmallow Root Powder can be found in these products
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