Fine Sea Salt

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Cleansing and volumising
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Cleansing the skin with fine sea salt is an excellent way to benefit from its exfoliant, antimicrobial and astringent properties without stripping away too much natural oil. Sea salt is also used in haircare products to increase volume and shine.



There are different types of salt - some come from the sea (or saltwater lakes) and are obtained by evaporating water, while others are mined from the ground. Sea salt is less processed than conventional table salt and therefore remains full of moisture and the various minerals and elements found in the area where it is harvested. This is also why it must be tested regularly to ensure that it hasn't been contaminated with pollutants.

Moreover, salt is a natural preservative which can help to keep products clean and free from micro-organisms when used in appropriate quantities.

Lush purchase fine sea salt from Lake Atanasovsko, Bulgaria. An essential stop on the Via Pontica, Europe's second largest bird migration route, the lake welcomes more than three hundred species of birds each year. The salt marshes support biodiversity and provide shelter for them, including the vulnerable Dalmatian pelican.

Fine Sea Salt can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Fine Sea Salt can be found in these products
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