Clary Sage Oil

Salvia sclarea

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Clary sage
Sensual and soothing
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Clary sage essential oil is warming and relaxing. Its aroma is strong and heavy, smelling sweet, herbal and green. Rich in antioxidants and toning, it helps maintain firm, glowing skin while soothing irritation and soreness.



Clary sage is a biennial herb, which grows to a height of about two feet. It has large, wrinkled leaves and a multitude of purple flowers that appear in spring, spreading an intoxicating perfume around them, like an irresistible blanket of scent in which you want to wrap yourself.

The plant is used in aromatherapy to lift spirits, calm the nerves, encourage feelings of well-being, and help to take a step back. Because it is also stimulating, sensual and evocative, the oil has gained a reputation for being a strong aphrodisiac.

Lush purchase clary sage oil mainly from Hungary. The producer harvests the flowers in summer and puts them through steam distillation to obtain the essential oil. In order to have the least possible impact on the environment, they have invested in a circular water system. Rainwater is collected and used for the entire distillation process, then cleaned and used again and again. When this producer cannot meet our production needs, we buy from a few other sources, all based in European countries.

Clary Sage Oil can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Clary Sage Oil can be found in these products
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