Chamomile Oil

Anthemis nobilis

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Chamomile Oil
Calm the mind and skin
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The most commonly used varieties of chamomile are Roman chamomile (Anthemis nobilis) and German chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla).



Roman chamomile is an evergreen perennial plant with aromatic leaves. In summer, long stalked, solitary flowers are produced, with creamy white or yellow discs. The flowers are collected when they are in full bloom and used fresh, frozen, or dried. The oil is then extracted from the flowers via steam distillation.

It's is one of the gentlest essential oils you can use, making it suitable for children and sensitive skins: it is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, bactericidal and sedative.

Aromatherapists use chamomile oil for bruises, allergies, stress and depression; it's calming for the mind and body and soothes the emotions and the skin. It is referred to as the oil for everything.

Chamomile Oil can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Chamomile Oil can be found in these products
Fresh Cleanser
A balancing, revitalising cleanse.
Hair Treatment
Sassy, not brassy, hair
deep sleep we the bathers bath bomb
Bath Bomb
Kip calm
A bottle of Flower's Barrow Lush perfume. The perfume an orange/brown in colour and contained in a rectangle bottle featuring a black lid and label.
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