Benzoin Resinoid

Styrax tonkinensis Pierre

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Benzoin Resinoid
Soothing and protective
Products with this ingredient

Benzoin resinoid creates a thin protective film on skin and hair, preventing it from losing moisture and giving hair a healthy sheen. This natural preservative and antiseptic is used for its warming qualities, believed to stimulate blood flow, ease aching muscles and to give skin a sweet, lingering vanilla and balsamic aroma.



Benzoin comes from the Styrax tree, native to Sumatra and found in other parts of southeast Asia. Lush source benzoin from Laos, where it is extracted from tender, evergreen trees of 25 feet in height. The resin collects in small incisions made in the bark, which is hardened and stored in pieces or pressed into blocks. This gum is then refined further, through the method of solvent extraction, to produce a resinoid.

Benzoin contains coniferyl cinnamate, an ester, which is said to have powerful relaxing properties. It also contains sumaresinolic acid, which helps to reduce swelling. Cleansing with products that contain this gum is an excellent way to benefit from its natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities whilst feeling relaxed and soothed.


Benzoin Resinoid can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Benzoin Resinoid can be found in these products
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