Bay Oil

Pimenta racemosa

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Promoting hair growth
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With a spicy, woody aroma and sweet undertones, bay oil is said to promote healthy hair growth and help strengthen thin hair. It is also very soothing for the scalp, and its antimicrobial properties help limit dandruff.



Pimenta racemosa, also known as bay rum tree, is native to the Caribbean. It can grow up to six metres tall, produces small inedible fruits and lush green foliage. Bay oil is obtained by steam distillation from the fragrant leaves (which can also be used to flavour rum, hence the tree's name). They are very different from bay leaves used in cooking; these come from a plant of the laurel family.

The main constituent of this essential oil is an aromatic substance called eugenol. Eugenol can also be found in cloves and has a warm, spicy scent and flavour. Like most things spicy, it stimulates the blood flow, but this compound has also shown good results at fighting against hair loss and dandruff. 

Lush buy bay oil in Dominica, an island in the Caribbean that has been deeply affected by tropical storms and hurricanes in recent years. Several distilleries were destroyed but fortunately not the trees as they are quite resistant. Due to regulations and the size of the island, shipping what is considered 'hazardous materials' has also been a challenge and every batch arriving at our manufacturing sites is considered a little miracle.

Bay Oil can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Bay Oil can be found in these products
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