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Gift Cards
Gift Cards

A Lush gift card is a fantastic option for a gift for someone that has everything!

Lucky enough to get a Lush gift card? Here’s how to use it...

It’s super-simple to buy and redeem your Lush gift card:

  • Ask in store and load your Gift Card with your lucky recipient’s chosen amount of cash. Simply wrap it up and give it to them. Alternatively, you can purchase an E-Gift Card here 
  • They can then redeem their gift card at any one of our stores or online on any lovely Lush product that their heart desires

The facts about Lush gift cards

  • To check your balance, please ask in store or you can check online here.
  • To save on paper (and be kind to the environment) we don't provide the buyer with a receipt of the loaded amount.
  • You don't have to spend the whole amount in one go. And, if you need to know your remaining balance, you can simply ask at the till or check online here.
  • Top your Lush Gift Card up whenever you like - they're re-usable. If you're finished with one, return it to us and we'll melt it down and reuse the plastic as part of our recycling scheme! Unfortunately, it is not possible to top up an E-Gift Card.
  • You can also use your Lush Gift Card to shop online. Simply select 'Givex LUSH Gift Card' as your payment method at checkout.

    Still have a question before you start shopping? Reach out to our friendly Customer Care Team.