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Winter is coming: skincare tips for cold weather

As the chillier weather sets in, the mad dashes from the comfort of cosy beds, through chilly hallways, and into steamy-shower-salvation begin. The morning routine can become somewhat torturous, and it’s not just our moods that can suffer from the drop in temperature - our skin can too.

Fear not, with just a few tweaks to your skincare routine and a little extra TLC, your skin will be glowing like you’ve taken a five-week-sabbatical in the Bahamas. So, read on to rejuvenate and celebrate your great skin.

Your new best friend? A gentle cleanse.

When it comes to cleansing in cold weather, a gentle formula helps to prevent that unpleasant, tight-skin feeling. Ultrabland is based on an age old, Greek formula and contains minimal ingredients, meaning you can enjoy a deep but delicate cleanse without stripping the skin of its natural defences. A stunning combination of hydrating almond oil, soothing rose water and beeswax - Ultrabland will cling to any impurities as it contains antibacterial honey. The rich, melty texture of this cleanser makes it wonderfully warming and comforting in cold weather. Simply apply all over the skin and then remove with either a warm cloth or cotton pads.

If you’re pressed for time, then try 7 to 3 - the ultimate essential in your low maintenance, low waste skincare regime. These circular, self-preserving, naked cleaning wipes, are composed of ingredients including fresh white lily infusion and ground cannellini beans. The wipes are perfect for removing light makeup. You can use 7 to 3 around three to five times before it disintegrates. 

Scrub up well

It’s no secret that regularly exfoliating can help to brighten the skin. Scrubbing up a couple of times a week will boost blood circulation and help you to regain radiance.

Shake off the winter blues with Let The Good Times Roll. This mild maize flour exfoliator has a sweet, butterscotch scent and contains corn oil, a rich source of hydrating linoleic acid and protective vitamin E. Cinnamon, a natural antibacterial, adds an aromatic twist to this comforting scrub and aids blood flow to the surface of the skin, giving you a smooth and glowy finish. Pinch a little from the pot and rub into a paste in the palm of your hand using a little warm water. Then simply spread over your face using circular motions and rinse away with warm water. You’ll be a-maized by the results!

The best thing since sliced bread - Movis is a doughy facial soap with a gourmet base of extra virgin coconut and sunflower oil which froths into hydrating suds when rubbed between your palms. Wheatgerm oil and Fair Trade organic cocoa butter deeply moisturise, while wholemeal bread buffs to achieve perfectly polished and rejuvenated skin.

Time to tone!

Spending more time in air conditioned rooms or out in crisp winds can leave our skin feeling more sensitive than usual. Toners can help moisturisers to penetrate the pores further for extra hydration, and will leave your skin feeling squeaky clean.

Just a spritz of Eau Roma Water will help balance complexions. This delicately floral toner water contains soothing rose and pacifying lavender to revitalise and even out skin tone. Spray onto a cotton pad, or directly onto your face, breathing in the relaxing scent before wiping away and enjoying eau so soft skin.

All eyes on you

Whether it’s the darker mornings or the busy party season, winter can leave us feeling a little bleary eyed. The skin around the eyes is naturally more sensitive, so investing in a gentle eye cream can give you back that bright-eyed feeling. Use a small amount of Enchanted Eye Cream just before you moisturise, dabbing it along the line of the cheekbone and up towards the brow bone. A mix of organic oils and lavender honey water will hydrate the under eye area and keep it feeling firm.

A soft touch

End your routine with a generous slather of rich moisturiser to lock in enhancing oils and butters for supple and soft skin. There’s a whole host of moisturisers to choose from, but here’s a couple of top picks for chillier days.

For full hydration, quench your skin with Skin Drink- a rich formula, packed to the brim with softening butters and oils. Nutrient rich Fair Trade organic sesame oil and almond oil will protect your skin from the elements, while fresh avocado deeply hydrates. Aloe vera will soothe wind-beaten skin and evening primrose oil restores. Finally, a sunny rose and neroli scent will keep you and your skin in good spirits.

When bitter weather bites, opt for Celestial, a light yet deeply softening moisturiser that is ideal for tender skin. High in vitamin E - almond oil and milk can protect the skin from damage, while dove orchids and Fair Trade organic cocoa butter condition and calm. Scented with sweet vanilla water, your skin will feel out of this world.

Don’t fret the freeze

With a whole host of products to choose from, you can welcome winter without worry, knowing your skin will be soothed and shielded from the cold. We encourage you to experiment with your routine, so go and explore your options here.

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