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Being a vegetarian company is important to us and we are proud of what we have been able to achieve.

Lush was founded on the vision that cosmetic products didn’t need to use animal fats or their by-products to be effective, and that animal testing was entirely unnecessary as well as unethical. Currently, around 80% of our product range is vegan with more products being added all the time which is really something to be excited about.

From taking a firm stand against the practice of animal testing itself to sourcing or inventing safe alternatives, it has been a large and continual part of Lush’s ethos to ensure that the ingredients we buy are sourced responsibly, sustainably and free of any nasties such as genetically modified organisms (GMO) and, where possible, pesticides.

Negotiating supply chains can be a murky business so where possible we prefer to go straight to the source and build relationships with farmers directly. All of the ingredients in Lush products are from sources required to sign our strict policy before supplying us and so are guaranteed not to be tested on animals. Fruit, vegetables and grains are non-GMO and the eggs, honey and lanolin we use are from sources that we are confident treat their animals with respect and care, and are the most sustainable, responsible sources available. We are always looking for ways to improve, and so meticulously review our sources, and work closely with farmers to improve animal welfare. It's never a case of a done deal and a ticked checklist - we like to visit the sites personally and regularly.

All of our products are made in an environment free from animal flesh and are not tested on animals. Where possible, we use or sometimes even invent safe alternatives to animal products.
Keep an eye out for the official Vegetarian Society and Vegan Society logos on the pots. Life is too short to be reading long labels so we’ve made it easy. This, along with a clear list of ingredients, means you can be totally certain that you know exactly what you’re buying and the product is suitable for you.

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