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Top tips for flawless lips

As the cold weather descends, we all know that sometimes, it’s not quite as easy as just a quick swipe of colour for that much-coveted lipstick look. Sometimes, a little extra TLC is needed. We’ve had a think of our top tips when it comes to legendary lipstick application. You can even do them on the go!

Scrub up well

First things first, smooth out those lips. FYI, our lip scrubs are pretty much the only thing you can eat at Lush (even though some look and smell good enough to do so...), so, you might as well!

Choose your favourite flavour, unscrew the pot, take the scrub onto your finger and gently massage the product onto the lips. This sweet combination of caster sugar and organic jojoba oil will buff off any pesky dry skin, whilst leaving your lips refreshed and replenished. When you’re done, lick the product off, pat dry and repeat as needed. Unbelievably, people often do choose to repeat this step...we wonder why?

Stay hydrated

Follow up your routine with a swipe of our favourite lip balm from our collection. Keep it sweet with choices such as Rose Lollipop, Key Lime Pie and Honey Trap, or keep it no fuss and effects led with  Lip Service. Whatever your preference, warm a little onto your ring finger, swipe onto your freshly polished pout and let the oils and butters sink in. Next, you’ll be ready to get creative with some colour!

Time for the main event! We’re excited to share that our naked, refillable lipstick range has recently been reformulated and now has a brand new, creamy castor oil base. We have 21 diverse, vegan friendly shades available in our collection, the hardest part is choosing your favourite! Once you have chosen your favourite from our naked refill collection, remove the black wax at the bottom of your lipstick and slot into your reusable, plastic-free lipstick case. Once it’s secure, carefully peel away the remaining wax casing. Voila, your cruelty free lip colour is ready to be applied. Simply swipe the lipstick across the lips, using the pointed end for precision. For extra precision, use our Pucker retractable lip brush to beautifully shape and disperse colour onto the lips.

We hope you enjoyed our top tips for flawless lips!

Comments (4)


about 3 months ago

The lipsticks really should be sold already slotted into the case. When I bought one of the lipstick, a store staff told me to follow instructions on the website to slot the lipstick into the case, which I believed was on this page. However, it was very difficult, if not impossible, to slot the lipstick into the container myself. The instructions on this page did not help at all. First of all, wax is not just at the bottom of the lipstick but it's all around it, which makes it incredibly difficult to remove without breaking the lipstick itself. Mine broke in half, and I ended up melting it and putting it in a different container. Now the case I got from the shop is wasted, as I don't see how it can be used for anything else (if I could return it to the store, that would be great). Second, I thought it was not professional that the store staff did not know how to actually slot the lipstick into the case. When I asked, she just said "look at the website" and did not explain any further. I felt as though she eluded her responsibility as a retail staff to provide service that I needed. I was quite upset about this purchase, as the lipstick was supposed to be a Christmas gift for myself, to celebrate landing a dream job.

Lush Customer Care

about 3 months ago


Hi there! We're concerned to hear about your experience, could you please get in touch with us at [email protected] so we can provide feedback to our team and find a resolution for you? xx LUSH

about 2 years ago

Can we please see swatches of these new lipsticks on various skin tones? It really hard to pick a colour based on the product images and descriptions alone.

Lush Customer Care

about 2 years ago


We'll let the team know you'd love to see some swatches! X LUSH

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