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Hi, I’m Jack. I’m the Chief Digital Officer at Lush, which means that I head up Lush’s Digital branch. It’s the part of the business responsible for finding tech solutions that make Lush (and the wider world) a better, fairer and more sustainable place. You won’t find me behind a desk, because I don’t have one. Instead you’ll find me working hand-in-hand with a crack team of designers, activists and digital storytellers. I’m all about putting mobile first, staying true to the internet’s open-source roots and fighting for digital rights.

When I’m not in front of a laptop, I’m in front of a gigantic sink (usually covered in glitter and fragrant with essential oils). That’s where I head when I’m feeling inspired to invent products like the bath bombs Intergalactic and The Experimenter.

What am I working on now?

A new project called the Lush Labs. You already know that Lush serves up fresh, handmade products with a side of shaking up the cosmetics industry. The Lush Labs will turn this impulse up to 11.

What you should expect

Ideas that push the boundaries of cosmetics. Have you ever wondered why your foundation is named “cappuccino” when your skin has nothing to do with your coffee order? Or whether the fancy perfume bottle you bought at duty free cost you more in packaging than product?

The cosmetics industry is failing you. It’s failing all of us when it over-promises and under-delivers. The Lush Labs is an opportunity for myself, and the rest of the inventors at Lush, to flex our imaginations and show off exactly what is possible.

Whenever you pick up a product from the Lush Labs, you’ll do so in the knowledge that you will be among the first to try out a fresh invention. With every comment, reaction and critique you send back to us, that product’s future will change. Some will hit the big time and go on to be featured on the shop shelves of your local Lush; some will be confined to the annals of Lush history. The ones that make the grade will be better for having been shaped by individuals (that includes you by the way), not an industry.

Just between you and me, one of the first ranges you’ll be able to make up your mind about benefits from a whole smorgasbord of ingredients that Lush have never used before. They’ve all already been tested on real humans, but soon you’ll be able to try them out (or perhaps try them on) too.

Products that belong to your imagination. If the “how to use” descriptions that tag along with Lush products were strictly accurate they’d actually be called “how to get the best out of this product, according to the ones that have been trying it out”. Unfortunately that wouldn’t fit on the label. Simply put though, many of the products you’ll find in the Lush Labs are as fun as they are effective, so feel free to play, make it up as you go along and let us know how your experimenting goes.

Note: this still doesn’t mean you should eat them; please stop trying to eat them.

Contents that starts conversations

Earlier I mentioned that some of my workmates were digital storytellers. Well, the Lush Labs is their moment in the spotlight too because every time a product is released into the wild, there's a reason behind it. The original impetus could have been finding out that pump soap is six times more flippin' wasteful than bar soap (side note: don't even get me started on the fact that there's now more plastic in the ocean than stars in the milky way). Or an inventor might have wondered aloud whether foundation could be made fresh, without compromising on colour, creativity, animal rights or the environment.

Over at the Lush Labs, you'll hear about the sparks that started fires in our inventors' bellies. With your help, joining and sharing in the conversations, we can redefine what "normal" means for cosmetics and shake the sameyness out of our bathroom shelves.

Too long; Didn't Read?

  1. The Lush inventors will show off their skills, designing products that push the limits of what’s possible.
  2. You’ll get to fulfil your inner Mary Berry/Alan Sugar/Simon Cowell fantasy and let them know exactly how they did.
  3. The Lush Labs will take your feedback on-board and use it to ensure that everything - from the products to the way we talk about them - is fresh and ahead of the game.
  4. The best of the best (as decided by you), the real stuff of legends, will be launched for the long-term.

Catch you over at the Labs then? Jack x

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