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Reduce Your Plastic Waste With #OneSwap This July!

When it comes to packaging, less is more and none is even better. Around 70% of Lush products are packaging-free, or what we call “Naked”.


Why packaging-free? 


As we become more aware of single-use plastic’s impact on the environment, finding packaging-free - or at least reusable and eco-friendly packaging - has become more important than ever.

As well as reducing the plastic waste put out into the world, stripping products down to their bare essentials means we can focus on sourcing quality ingredients that provide you with maximum effectiveness. As innovators of solid shampoo bars, bath products, and skincare, we know that the future looks naked.

Going naked also increases the likelihood of a product being self-preserving. Self-preserving means that products aren't filled with synthetic preservatives to keep them fresh. Solid, naked products are formulated with little to no water and are therefore often innately self-preserving. They are also often packed full of natural butters like Fair Trade organic cocoa butter which remains solid at room temperature, making it difficult for bacteria to flourish. Fantastic, versatile ingredients like clay, calamine, kaolin, honey and glycerine can then be added without altering the products' solid form.


Just #OneSwap will make a difference.  


This July we’re joining the Plastic Free July movement by challenging ourselves, our customers, and community to start with even just one plastic-free swap in our daily routines. 

Here are some we can help you with! 

Swap bottled shampoo and conditioner for shampoo bars and conditioner bars.  
Swap plastic shopping bags for a sturdy reusable bag.
Swap liquid handwash for solid soap.
Swap packaged shower gel for Naked shower gel.
Swap massage oils for massage bars.

You can also explore our full range of Naked, plastic-free products here.

With each and every one of us committing to taking our first (or one more of many!) steps to remove excess plastic waste, we will make a difference in looking after our precious planet and our future.   


So what’s your #OneSwap?

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1 Comment

about 3 weeks ago

I have gone “naked” with hair care and body wash.