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Recycling your black pots

Plastic isn't the root of all evil, but human reliance on the synthetic stuff is definitely creating a massive problem for the planet. That's where Lush comes in. We’re working hard on minimising our packaging footprint, which means our plastic packaging is plain, simple, recycled or even non-existent where we’ve reformulated naked alternatives. But if you're super attached to a potted or bottled product, and want to do your bit to save the planet too, you can bring back your black pots to our shop for a complimentary Fresh Face Mask!*


All of our PP (polypropylene plastic) product pots (the black and clear ones) are made from 100% recycled materials. When returned to your local Lush shop, we then send them off to get recycled by our friends at TerraCycle. What’s more, if you bring back 5 empty (clean!) pots, we’ll give you a free fresh face mask of your choice!

After being sent over to TerraCycle, they then get melted down and remade into new things like playground benches. 

What’s included in the “bring back five pots” scheme?

  • Any full-sized black PP pot (not including sample pots).

  • Any full-sized clear PP pot (the clear pots that shower jellies come in).

  • Black PP mascara, lipstick wands and loose powder make-up tubs.


How to recycle your black and clear plastic pots: 

  1. Give your pots a good wash when you’ve finished the product inside. (Get ‘em squeaky clean, please!) 

  2. When you’ve collected five, take them to your local Lush store so we can send them off to TerraCycle. 

  3. Receive a complimentary fresh face mask as a thank you.

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