Reasons to smile: sparkling mouth products

You might find yourself experiencing an overwhelming desire to smile after you brush with these gloriously refreshing tooth powders and toothy tabs. Before you even taste them, here are plenty of reasons to start grinning...

S o, you’re off adventuring? Whether it’s brushing up on your oral hygiene after lunch at work or circumnavigating the globe in a kayak, the products in this new mouth range are handy, easy solutions. Before you go, simply slip them in your bag. If that bag is your hand luggage, great news! You can go global without worrying about sky-high liquid restrictions.

M ess, what mess? Contortionist-style moves to squeeze the last drop of toothpaste out will seem like a forgotten memory. You can see exactly how much you have left in these clear tubes and pots without any sticky situations. As an added benefit, this also means that product isn’t wasted because it’s hiding at the end of a tube.

I ngredients like sodium bicarbonate (you might know it as baking soda) are packed inside to keep mouths happy. Sodium bicarbonate is used across the toothy tab range. It is an effective thickening agent and after brushing with it, your saliva becomes a hostile environment for acidic bacteria.

L andfill sites are filled with billions of toothpaste tubes yearly. Conventional toothpaste is predominantly packaged in plastic-coated, aluminium-lined tubes that are rarely recyclable. In landfill, the plastic components may take up to 450 years to break down. Toothy tabs and tooth powders are packaged in recycled and recyclable bottles; you can pop the bottle straight into your home recycling after use and bring the top back to us.

E ach toothy tab is ideally sized for one brushing, so it’s super simple to figure out how much to use (without having to guesstimate pea-sized amounts or instructions). For Tooth Powders, just wet your brush and press it into the powder. Voilà!

“I’m convinced, but which one should I try?”

If you like to stick to the status quo, dip your brush into the water and enjoy fresh, minty Miles of Smiles toothy tabs. The triple blast of English peppermint, organic peppermint and wild mint oils inside are a quick fix for a tingly clean feel and the fiery menthol plant contains powerful, antibacterial qualities to promote healthy mouths.

Want to venture out a little further? Get down and Dirty - but superbly clean - with Dirty toothy tabs. Stimulating, cooling spearmint oil and feel-good neroli combine with cleansing kaolin to keep you feeling fresh on the go, no matter how filthy you get on the outside.

Daredevils, unbuckle your seatbelts. You won’t need them brushing, but you might want to hold on tight. Fruity and fragrant varieties in the new range include Bling! Limelight and Oral Pleasure (this one tastes just like passionfruit). They are bursting with beneficial ingredients like papain powder, an enzyme extracted from the unripe fruit of the papaya tree which helps to break down debris when you brush.

You’re looking for something a little sweeter? Why not try Tooth Fairy tooth powder? If you want the delightful taste of strawberries and a clean feeling that takes you past the second star to the right and straight on until morning, the sweet xylitol and antibacterial lemon oil inside are the perfect pairing. After all, you can never be too grown up to brush your teeth with sparkles!

There’s a powder or tab for every mood, so open wide and discover the whole range here...

Whether it’s brushing up on your oral hygiene after lunch at work or circumnavigating the globe in a kayak, the products in this new mouth range are handy, easy solutions.

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