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Product Donations

Through our Charitable Giving programs, we believe in going beyond monetary donations and finding other ways to support our community through product donation, volunteerism and lending our platform to amplify the causes we support.

We don't like to see anything wasted which is why our products are always made fresh, however, occasionally we have a surplus of stock that we like to give to good causes. Our product donation program supports small, grassroots groups across Australia and New Zealand who work in the areas of human rights, animal protection, and environmental action. 

We donate these products to local charities, not-for-profits, and community organizations who meet our guidelines and whose people would benefit from access to hygiene and self-care supplies.

If you are a local group interested in connecting with your local store to request products be donated for a workshop or small group, simply head into your local store and ask them about their product donations. Stores can assist in donating products for up to 20 people. Please review the guidelines below to make sure your organisation is eligible for product donations. For donations for greater than 20 people, please fill out this application form.

You can find your local store here.

Please note that these products cannot be used for fundraising, raffle prizes, gifts or handouts for supporters, and must not be sold on.


Product Donation Guidelines

We do not donate to groups or events that:

• Promote or support violence, aggression, prejudice or oppression towards others
• Deny the human rights of others
• Are involved in cruelty or subjugation of animals, including testing on animals for research or using animals for human gain such as those used in entertainment
• Are affiliated with religious groups or force or coerce others to change their religious or spiritual beliefs.
• Are political parties, rallies, or otherwise partisan events
• Are not making the effort to be environmentally responsible
• Are individuals, such as student projects, scholarships, or individual awards
• For fundraising purposes (e.g. raffle prizes or gifts for supporters), for resale, or for businesses.



Please visit your local shop and see if there is any stock they are able to donate.

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