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For The Love Of Lavender

In the Yarra Valley, nestled at the foothills of Mt Dandenong, Warratina lavender farm paints the hillside with a dreamy shade of lilac. It is here that you will find Annemarie, owner and passionate lavender farmer, pottering around these gorgeous purple shrubs, ensuring that only the finest quality flowers make it into the beautiful products they create, and now Lush Australasia is lucky enough to source some of this lavender in some of our most famous products.

For Annemarie, her passion started as a hobby, nearly 30 years ago, when she planted her first lavender bush. It wasn’t long before flocks of people made the 1 hour trip out of Melbourne to see and smell these alluring purple hedges. Since then, the Warratina Lavender Farm has expanded to hold over 10,000 plants, and is visited by people from all around the world. 


The lavender is in full bloom in December and the harvesting process can begin anywhere between November and January. The traditional method of hand picking the lavender, using a sickle, is still the preferred method, and is done in the wee hours of the morning to prevent the fragrant oils evaporating into the heat of the day. Once picked, these small bouquets of lavender are hung in a drying shed, before the whorls of tiny flowers are stripped from their woody stems, and sieved several times to remove impurities such as dust, leaves and stem particles. Once these flowers have been thoroughly refined, they spend a few weeks in subzero temperatures to sanitise the lavender, before being distributed to buyers such as Lush, or used in their own products (if you’re feeling a bit peckish, you can even indulge in a homemade lavender scone at the farm’s cafe!). 


Now, you can find this locally grown lavender in several of our sleep-inducing products, such as our famous Sleepy Body Lotion, which uses a tea-like infusion of this lavender to lull you to sleep. Our well-loved and best selling cleanser, Angels On Bare Skin, now uses this lavender to balance skin tone, and to add another natural exfoliant to the base of scrubby ground almonds. 


While our dried lavender flowers predominantly are supplied from Warratina Lavender Farm in Victoria, supply may change from time to time.

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