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It's easy being green: Five steps towards going plastic-free

Single-Use. It was 2018’s word of the year, and for many of us, it featured in our New Year’s Resolutions too – to cut it out that is. As we become more and more aware of single-use plastic’s impact on the environment, the quest for packaging-free, or at the very least reusable packaging, is more important than ever.

No fear! While bathroom routines can be a minefield for single-use plastic packaging, there’s a whole host of ways to reduce your plastic footprint that don't mean compromising on quality. Here’s how:


Maintaining healthy hair takes time, effort and products that suit your needs. Enter the shampoo bar – a small but mighty naked, self-preserving solid shampoo, packed full of natural ingredients and essential oils. Providing the equivalent of three 250g bottles, these economically and environmentally friendly numbers are great for travel, with each bar providing between 80-100 washes (depending on the length and texture). There are nine shampoo bars to choose from so whether you’ve got thick and thirsty, or fine and fly-away hair you’ll find one for you. For hair that is in need of a little more TLC Avocado co-wash is a beautifully scented, gentle and effective option. Co-washing (conditioner washing) is a way to wash hair without shampoo. The technique is great for afro, curly and extremely dry hair. Need somewhere to store them? Pick up a Round Tin!


Sometimes the best skincare is the simplest. If you’re looking to declutter your regime while still getting great results, try the naked skincare range. Replace single-use makeup wipes for a gentle reusable makeup cleanser, and pump action bottle moisturisers for hydrating solid facial oils. Whether you’re looking for something soothing or brightening, there’s something for everyone.


The Lush makeup range features predominantly naked products and has all you need to get with the glow. From foundations to highlighters, the natural ingredients and essential oils ensure there’s something for any skin type. Need somewhere to store all of your new naked goodies? Check out this article for top tips.

Even the vegan lipsticks are baring all, wrapped neatly in a wax coating that, ready to be popped into the new Refillable lipstick case made from recycled and recyclable materials. But you won’t want to recycle this chic, vintage-style case, the perfect life-long addition to any makeup bag.

Shower care

Searching for a liquid alternative to shower gel that will still leave you feeling so fresh and so clean? How about a good old-fashioned bar of soap? Packed full of fresh ingredients and effective essential oils, each soap has been created with benefits for the skin in mind, as well as a sensational scent that will linger after you’ve lathered. If your busy lifestyle means you’ve got less time to pamper, and you’re craving soft skin, solid shower scrubs and moisturisers are the perfect treats for you to indulge in, with all you need to rehydrate and soften skin without the wrap.


Raring to rid your cosmetics cabinet of aerosol and roll-on deodorant? Grab a naked alternative that won’t leak in your bag and or end up on landfill. Not even your body lotion needs packaging, thanks to cocoa butter based massage bars and naked body lotions that melt with a little help from your skin’s body temperature. Whether you’re jet setting off on a plane or live your life on trains, these naked numbers are a great sidekick for your travels.


If you’re keen to give a gift to the planet as well as a loved one, you can ditch the plastic with a range of presents wrapped in packaging that’s made of recycled and recyclable materials. For a bespoke tailor-made option, why not try Knot Wraps? A fabric wrap alternative to wrapping paper that make beautiful reusable headscarves or neckties for the lucky recipient. With an array of options, all you need to do is pick what products you want to put inside.

So, now you’ve got products that will provide a head to toe pamper without polluting the planet, you’re set to seek out your next environmentally friendly feat. If you need any inspiration check out this article for advice on how to go zero-waste.

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