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An introduction to face and body masks

Are you a lover of scrub? Or maybe you favour a smooth blend of uplifting fruits. Whichever the preference, allow your skin to absorb the natural powers of face and body masks to emerge feeling fresh and revived.



Ain’t no body masks it better

Embellish both face and body with a scrubby mask. They’re super invigorating with a three month shelf life!

To feel ace of face and body, adorn your skin in the exfoliating, peppermint goodness of Mask of Magnaminity: a blend of kaolin and honey that works together to help you achieve a marvellous complexion. Kaolin is an absorbent and helps to deeply cleanse the skin, while honey attracts and retains moisture and has an antibacterial effect. Natural, eco-friendly exfoliants are the way forward; organic ground aduki beans and evening primrose seeds are used to give the skin a deep polish, promoting a healthy and bright glow. Try the self-preserving formula, packed with extra honey, if you like your masks to have a rich, syrupy feel on the skin and body.

Alternatively perk up your skin in the morning with a cup of rich coffee - the kind you can use from head to toe! Cup O’ Coffee is made with caffeine powder and ground coffee to stimulate the skin and leave it feeling silky smooth. With a splash of agave syrup for softness and a dash of kaolin to deeply cleanse, this mask helps to absorb excess moisture as well as polish - brightening and reviving your skin. A sprinkle of roasted cocoa extract and vanilla absolute will have you feeling uplifted and ready to go in the mornings - fuelled by coffee fragrance and full of beans!

Fresh out the kitchen

Happy, healthy skin is all about nourishing inside and out, which is why fresh fruits and vegetables aren't the only thing dedicated followers of facemasks keep in their fridge these days. With a fridge full of perfectly blended, natural masks to choose from, which will you choose?

A little of what you fancy does you good - so grab one of your 5-a-day in a handful of blueberries, and follow it up with our Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask, and smooth a generous layer of this calming and moisturising blend over your skin. It's packed to the brim with antioxidant blueberries, which will help protect your skin against the elements thanks to it's high vitamin A, C, and E content. Calming calamine and relieving rose are perfect for sensitive skin that needs a little help. 

Shine bright with Don't Look At Me - a magnificently zingy and uplifting smoothie of lemon juice, grapefruit and murumuru butter. The enzymic, citrus fruits inside will cleanse and brighten your skin, while murumuru butter adds extra moisture. If you love to scrub, ground white rice makes this mask extremely exfoliating. But if you like a slightly creamier texture, protective and resolute Cosmetic Warrior will go into battle with you. It's formidable grape and tea tree combination is just the thing to combat breakouts. With kaolin to absorb excess facial oils, and fresh garlic to act as a antibacterial shield, you can yell a triumphant battle cry wearing this one.

Ring a ring o’ roses, a face mask full of...you guessed it! Rosy Cheeks is a beautifully balancing and delicate face mask packed with lavish ingredients to cleanse your skin from cheek to cheek. Rose petal infusion, rose clay, and rose oil - the three musketeers - work together to soothe flushed cheeks and tone the skin, leaving a light, naturally floral fragrance and a mattified complexion.

Patchwork of facemasks

If you can’t choose, why not tailor two or three masks to the areas you wish to tackle. Maybe you want brighter cheeks, a thoroughly cleansed t-zone and all the other bits in between extra hydrated - mix and match them to reach your ultimate skin goals! Use a face mask to cover your neck too, one to exfoliate the body and another to smooth over your face.

Why not take a snoop and see what other wonderful face masks are still awaiting right here.   

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