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How to store your naked vegan makeup

Love makeup but want to limit your plastic-packaged purchases? Tired of the Russian doll-like game you have to play every time you unwrap your latest lippie? We’re heading towards a naked revolution, and with the Lush vegan makeup baring all last year, it’s clear that there’s no limit to where packaging-free cosmetics can go. Over 14,000 Slap Sticks, Glow Sticks, and Trix Sticks were sold globally in 2018, and with plenty more products coming soon, you might be wondering where you’re going to keep it all.

So, while you’re busy saving the planet, we’ve put together a list of ways to store your naked makeup with the help of five staff members from our makeup talent pool.

Thinking inside the box

Asiyah, from Lush Cribbs Causeway, keeps her naked makeup in the box it arrives in: “I really like that I can purchase a product where even the packaging can be disposed of responsibly” she says.

Not only does Asiyah love being able to extend her ethics into her love of makeup without compromise, she also states: “I really enjoy the quality of the products, which goes to show that ethical makeup can still be of a high standard”.

It does what it says on the tin

Laila, from Lush Italy’s customer care department, stores her Slap Sticks in her Square Tin in her bathroom: “I think the tin is the perfect size to keep my foundation protected from dust and light” she says.

Laila loves the zero-waste benefits of buying naked makeup: “It’s great to have a product that you can use 100% of. We get what we pay for, with no excess packaging, and no waste” she says.

You can dish it out…

Suzie, from Lush Buchanan street, gets creative with her storage options. She loves having her naked makeup displayed on a ceramic dish on her dressing table where it’s at hand and means the cardboard boxes they come in are reserved for travel.

When talking about the benefits of naked makeup, Suzie shares: “I’d never really sat and thought about how much waste there in the beauty industry! It’s an amazing way to cut down on packaging, and it’s allowed me to get creative with applications and storage, my eyes have been opened!”.

On the tiles

Having her makeup to hand is something that Paige also considers when storing her naked makeup. She pops hers onto a small decorative tile or into a pick ‘n’ mix box, made out of recycled materials, so it’s easy to grab and use quickly: “It looks really lovely next to my mirror and, as I wear makeup every day, it means I don’t have to spend time putting the makeup away each morning” she says.

A benefit of naked makeup is being able to see exactly what you’re going to get, Paige explains: “I want to know what I’m paying for, and once it’s finished, it’s all gone! There’s no excess packaging that will take 500 years to decompose.”

Raise your glass (trays)

Emma loves to store her naked makeup on a little glass or metal tray on her vanity so that she can always have it on display and closeby to pick up and use whenever she needs.

A pastime of hers is visiting charity shops in search of new vintage plates or trays to use. Emma’s favourite thing about having the option to buy naked makeup is the benefit to the planet: “Knowing that I am helping avoid adding more plastic into the ocean is very rewarding to me!”, she says.

Travel light

Taking a trip? Travelling for work? Whether you’re off on holiday or just like to have your makeup handy when you’re going about your day to day, you want to know your naked products will withstand the journey in one piece. The cardboard packages that your makeup arrive in are great for travel while being light and compact.

Share how you store your Lush naked makeup in the comments below, or over on Twitter or Instagram, and head here to check out the entire range.


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