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This is the climate emergency: The Australian Bushfire Crisis

Alongside our community, we are heartbroken by the devastation caused by bushfires across our country. 

More than that, we are angry. Our nation is currently on fire due to the abhorrent disregard for our environment and our Government's refusal to take real action on the climate emergency.

Lush pledges to donate a minimum of $100,000 by March 2020 from our Charity Pot fund to grassroots organisations and charities who are part of the ongoing effort in driving climate action. This will include groups who work to regenerate land, defend the rights of First Nations People, drive legislative change, and protect our unique and diverse wildlife. 

We will be led by experts and grassroots organisations working to impact the root cause of this bushfire disaster. We encourage you, our community, to share groups who are dedicated to driving climate action and building connections that empower people and create change.

For 25 years, Lush has actively campaigned for environmental conservation, animal welfare and human rights. We will continue to do so throughout 2020 and beyond.



What is Charity Pot?
Charity Pot is funded through the sale of our Charity Pot Lotion. 100% of sales (minus gst) go into the “Pot”. 
Charity Pot funding goes to small, grassroots groups that have limited resources and often struggle to find funding. We support groups both in Australia, New Zealand and around the world, working in the areas of environmental conservation, animal welfare and human rights.
I know a great organisation that you should fund. How can I let you know?
Fantastic! If you have contact with the organisation, pass on the link to our Charity Pot Application. Otherwise, send us through an email at [email protected] with their details and we’ll be sure to reach out to them.
How do we apply for funding?
Read our Charity Pot Guidelines here. If your organisation is eligible, please fill in the application here. Not quite sure if you would be eligible? Feel free to contact us at [email protected] with any questions you may have.
Why aren’t you funding emergency relief for the bushfires?
There has been an incredible outpour of donations being provided towards the great work that emergency services and emergency relief are currently involved in. 

We believe that our funding is best directed towards the ongoing support of the grassroots organisations and charities working long term in the environment, human rights, and animal welfare spaces.

The climate emergency directly impacts these central pillars of our beliefs and we will passionately campaign for climate action in order to protect our country into the future.

Are you collecting any donations in stores?
Keep an eye out for more information over the coming weeks on in-store Charity Pot Parties which will focus on direct fundraising for grassroots organisations and charities affected by the Bushfire Crisis.

You can follow our Facebook page and your local store on Instagram for event announcements.



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