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About LUSH and Afterpay

After being showered with your enthusiastic requests, we’re so excited to be partnering with Australia’s largest payment service. We’re sure you have some questions about Afterpay and LUSH so we’ve put this page together to help answer them.

Afterpay is an extremely popular payment service that is offered by retailers and brands to help customers plan their purchases and pay for goods gradually in interest free instalments. As with everything we do, sustainability and accessibility is a top priority for LUSH and offering Afterpay as a payment option for our customers is no exception. The decision to implement Afterpay was made once a commitment to responsible spending was clear.

Afterpay have extensive information available on their commitment to responsible spending which can be found here but some of the key points are:

Afterpay is free for customers

  • Afterpay is completely free for customers to use. They charge retailers and brands for using the service and this cost is not passed on to the customer in any way. That’s why repayments are always interest-free.

  • Before each transaction, Afterpay assesses your ability to make repayments in your short installment plan. The longer you have been a responsible shopper with Afterpay, the more likely a purchase will be approved. This helps grow a community of responsible spenders that work with Afterpay every day to plan, buy, and pay.

Spending Limit

  • Afterpay is available on orders up to $1000 with LUSH.

  • The absolute maximum spending limit for an Afterpay account is $2000 and this higher limit is only available to Afterpay users with demonstrated responsible use of Afterpay over time.


Late Fees / Missed Payments

  • Afterpay makes more money when customers pay off their balance in time. Late fees are not the business model.

  • Late fees are low and capped at a total of $51. Once a payment is late, no other purchases through Afterpay can be made until the existing balance is completely cleared.

If you have further questions about Afterpay, you can find their information here, or you can reach our friendly LUSH Customer Care team here.


Comments (4)


about 8 months ago

What’s the minimum spending to use after pay ?

Lush Customer Care

about 7 months ago


It's $35 both in-store and online. X The LUSH Team


about 9 months ago

Is afterpay available in store and online?

Lush Customer Care

about 8 months ago


Yes! We recently brought Afterpay in-store, so you can use this service at physical LUSH stores as well as online. X The LUSH Team