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About Charity Pot

Charity Pot is a hand and body lotion with a difference. 100% of the proceeds we make (minus tax) are donated to support grassroots groups who work to uphold and advocate for human rights, animal protection, and environmental action around the world.

Since its worldwide launch in 2007, Charity Pot has donated more than $33,000,000 to 3500+ grassroots charities in 36 countries – and in Australasia, since 2008 we have collectively raised and donated over $3.5 million to 1001 groups.

Charity Pot funds often support groups that challenge mainstream opinions and fight for causes that are frequently overlooked or unable to access funding through mainstream avenues. They work towards long-term change and are usually run by volunteers. Your Charity Pot purchases also support non-violent direct action and projects that enable social change: it is here that donations (ranging from $100 to $10,000) make the most impact!

To find out more about the causes we support, read about them here.

Inside each Charity Pot, you will find ingredients from projects located across the globe, like shea butter from the Ojoba Women’s Cooperative in Ghana. In 2014, the formula was also reformulated, so it’s also now self-preserving, meaning that it’s good for suppliers, good for your skin and good for hard-working causes.

The co-operatives and groups that grow and harvest our ingredients do so sustainably (and increasingly regeneratively), using their expertise to deliver high-quality produce which feel beautiful on the skin and benefit their own communities.

To find out how your group can apply for funding, visit the Charity Pot Application page

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